Saturday, September 21, 2013

My Favorite Find

I have been a fan of the League of Extraordinary bloggers for some time now. Some topics are better than others. I told myself the next time there is a posted topic that I get could get into, I am joining. The topic this week is show off your best yard sale/ flea market find.  My blog is all about showing off my finds from yard sales, thrift store and flea markets.  I just started theses adventures this summer, so this is my rookie year.

Here is the set up - there was a "senior center community tag sale" posted on Craig's list. It didn't start til 9am and I start my tag sale days at 8 am. So I hit a few sales in a neighboring town. By 10 minutes til 9am  I was in line to the senior center sale. I live in western mass, this sale was in Northapton Mass. I could tell that this would be a good sale if there was 20 people ahead of me. As they opened the  doors everybody rushed in. I noticed when I got inside most of the people inside were gatherd around the jewelry area. I did a quick  scope over the whole room, but i didn't see anything that interested me. I noticed a few people took a left into this hallway that led into what was there dinning room. In the back of the room lined up on tables was a toy section. The worst possible thing was going on, two guys were already hunting down the tables.  I saw something in the middle of the table,  so I B-lined it for, picked it up and it had a 10 cents price tag, nice but no time to celebrate. I fully checked the table from where I stood, I found the hidden gem. The only thing that looked like it could have something in a box marked 5 cents each. The box was filled with old wildlife posters. One of the two guys that was head of me was flipping through the box. He stepped away from the box and I jumped in for the dig. Disappointed that it was full of wildlife posters from 70s and 80s. Then I saw this comic at the bottom of the box.

To the left is the toy I found, we get into that later. 
I see this comic, I flip through it. 
 It's black and white. This is probably one of the first printings of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics. I know that the cartoon was based on the comic.  I also know that the authors are from my area. They are from North Adams Mass. As I am flipping through I noticed this

I had to do a double take, is this the authors signatures?? From 1990? with sketches??  No way.
The one down fall is its adressed"to John".
No clue of the value. For me this is my whole grale of my rookie year. Toy was icing on the cake

A whole tub of action figures over at Goodwill Hunting.
Over at toyriffic he found a box full of Masters of the univers aka He-man
Branded in The 80s was given a collection of Garbage pale kids.

thanks for reading

Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer finds Action Figures((non Keepers)

This summer I decided i would start collecting action figures from yard sale, thrift and flea markets i go to on the regular. I am a low budget guy, so none of the loose figues costed more then 75 cents. These that are pictured are some of my favorites i am not keeping, or what i will risking losing at my yard sale. in less then two weeks i will be having a yard sale at my brothers house where i will be selling some of my finds from this summer. I dont have much money and on sept 29th there is a toy show in Boston, about an hour and twenty minute drive. 
So i came up with a plan, i will have a yard sale sat. sept. 28th, all funds raised will be fuel for my first toy show. I never been to a con or toy show. As of now i could careless about celebs, panels and stuff like that. I just want to shop. My roomate was impressed that i am taking my finds that i find for penuts, sell them all in one sale, hoping to invest the money in bigger toys that will  incresase in value. Yeah invest.  thats what i am doing, investing.
Back to topic, before these figures leave my pession, i will show you some of the cool ones.
First, we are some Jurrasic Park dinosours. Two were found in grab bags, one at a yardsale.

i Suck at taking pics, gonna have to get a camera, and practice taking pics/  in this pic is 4 micro-machines and a fraggle rock happy meal toy.If my memory is right, hbo was the only way you could watch fraggle rock back in the 80s.  I rember watching it on saturday mornings at my grand parents house.
When Micro machines came out, my brother and our friends were into cars, so these were a big hit. This lot remindsme of the ones me and my brother owned. these are from 86.
Batman and joker. This is the 1991 black batman with retractable belt. Belt still works. Joker, Jack Nicholson joker.

Not sure what this is, samuri dino??

This is an intresting lot. 2 mask men, 2 mucle men, hawkeye mini and an unidentified action figure.  Mr. unidentified looked cool in a grab bag, you could tell it was 80s, just has that look.

Turtles, TMNT,  leo foot has been grinded alittle.

Shrek and a JP Figure, the first one i am hoping is swamp thing
bu i dont know.

Bravestar, Captain America and spider man. I not a big captain fan, but this figure is cool. The spider man has like an iron man style mask and body armor.

New Masters of the universe figures.

All the figure are loose with no accesories. Like i said i am having a yard sale and these are all on the chopping block. I am hoping to post all my keepers from this summer too. If you know the identieties of any of the figures i didnt know or  dont have it right.  Thanks for reading.
Also over the weekend i went hunting for tag sale leftovers, with junk luck. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yard Sale Haul- Books and ALF

I went out saturday morning sept 14th, weather was a cool start. My first stop was a neighborhood sale, off of a main drag was side streets as well. I got there 7;50am or so. most of the sales started at 8am, but some were still setting up at 8am.  I feel weird about going through peoples stuff when there setting up. I am not scared to ask if they have action figures or boy toys.  No luck all day on the toys.
After about an hour, by like 9am the streets were getting crazy with people and cars. i had hit 85 percent of the sale, so i headed to my town where there was a town wide tag sale.  in the town common, it felt like a flea market.  I grew up in the town of Granby Mass. Small town, i ran into a few people i knew and tried not to be rude but in the tag sale game, time is important.  In the town common they were selling maps to another 19 sales that were in town, map was a dollar donation. I paid the buck for the map. I had went to a neirghborhood sale and hit the flea market part of town sale all befor 9:30am.  Granby town wide sale started at 9am, so i was making goood time. I hit the 19 in town with mostly book scores.  so i decided to come home.  Gonna chill out for alittle while then check craigslist for tag sale leftovers.  Now what you all been waiting for pics of the haul.
From the Neighborhood sale i found the three books, all 3 from the 60s. Munsters, wow in perfect time for halloween. I got a thing for old coloring books, disney a plus. Anything Hanna-Barbara is a treat, not just yogi, a mix of other charictars.
This Lot of random books and comics I got mostly during town wide sale. Mario, Robocop, Ren & Stimpy and Ducktales comics. Books include gi joe vs cobra feild manual. book about Cowboys, a disney coloring book, yogi bear book and a mad libs.

Now for the two big picks of the day first
ALF Colorforms. from the animated series.  Also a box of wax pax of alf cards.

now for you turtle fans

I ound this whole lot of tmnt books and the littles all at the same sale. Coloring books, story books, and graphic novels. Let me know if your a turtle fan, i have a story and something cool toshow you from this summer.  Check in later or tomarow, i plan on curb hunting later.  Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday thrift store stop

It's Friday the 13th, I ain't scared. Lol.  When I got there headed straight to the toy section, with no luck in the random bags.  My guess, I had good luck this summer because people were cleaning out there homes, now not that much cool stuff coming in. I was able to find this Pokemon package.

Box in rough shape, but has a 9.95 price tag. I got it for 99 cents
No clue what the back says.

Quick stop at thrift

I made a quick stop Tuesday night at one of the two local "savers" thrift stores. I looked through the toys with no luck. Savers has the clear plastic bags with random toys.  Over at  I think he calls them grab bags.  Sounds good to me.  Well no luck with
The grab bags.  I headed over to the children's books.  Within luck I found two cool books

A cool master's of the universe book.

Next up, I didn't even know these were available.
Colorforms Aladdin book. I recently been watching colorforms on ebay and etsy.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thrift store haul 9-3-13

I went to the thrift store Tuesday night after Labor Day weekend hoping people did some house cleaning and dropped off some things at the thrift store. The store I went to is similar to a retail store, but has some good deals.  It simcilar to a Goodwill or Salvation Army in that people drop off unwanted goods.

I am on the hunt for 80s toys and children's books. At this thrift store they sell bags of toys. Each bag has random toys in them, sometimes they will have a theme or be similar subject matter. The toys in the picture above we're all in the same bag.

First off we have some newer loose Dino's.
Next we have some pirate toys. Possibly from the pirates of the carribean

here are some loose random toys. 
i grabbed some books too

Batman from 1990


I thought this pokemon book might be cool to learn alittle more about pokemon.

i found this dinosour book from the 80s

I also bought a reggea record.  let me know if you have any questions or comments

Monday, September 2, 2013

My closet

This is what my closet looks like. All this has been collected since June. Less then 3 months and on a very tight budget. I don't spend more than $20 per weekend and that's including gas.

To the left is books I have collected. There is some records in the back. Also in the back is diffrent toys I have came across.  The front boxes is action figures.

Yard sale leftovers.

Yard sale leftovers 

My brother told me about a yard sale not far from where I live, but I didn't make it there in time for the sale. I was late, but lucky that there was a small pile of leftovers. A bunch of baby cloths, and a few random things in the pile.  But the two gems, electronic battle ship from 1977 and a world puzzle.