Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yard Sale Haul- Books and ALF

I went out saturday morning sept 14th, weather was a cool start. My first stop was a neighborhood sale, off of a main drag was side streets as well. I got there 7;50am or so. most of the sales started at 8am, but some were still setting up at 8am.  I feel weird about going through peoples stuff when there setting up. I am not scared to ask if they have action figures or boy toys.  No luck all day on the toys.
After about an hour, by like 9am the streets were getting crazy with people and cars. i had hit 85 percent of the sale, so i headed to my town where there was a town wide tag sale.  in the town common, it felt like a flea market.  I grew up in the town of Granby Mass. Small town, i ran into a few people i knew and tried not to be rude but in the tag sale game, time is important.  In the town common they were selling maps to another 19 sales that were in town, map was a dollar donation. I paid the buck for the map. I had went to a neirghborhood sale and hit the flea market part of town sale all befor 9:30am.  Granby town wide sale started at 9am, so i was making goood time. I hit the 19 in town with mostly book scores.  so i decided to come home.  Gonna chill out for alittle while then check craigslist for tag sale leftovers.  Now what you all been waiting for pics of the haul.
From the Neighborhood sale i found the three books, all 3 from the 60s. Munsters, wow in perfect time for halloween. I got a thing for old coloring books, disney a plus. Anything Hanna-Barbara is a treat, not just yogi, a mix of other charictars.
This Lot of random books and comics I got mostly during town wide sale. Mario, Robocop, Ren & Stimpy and Ducktales comics. Books include gi joe vs cobra feild manual. book about Cowboys, a disney coloring book, yogi bear book and a mad libs.

Now for the two big picks of the day first
ALF Colorforms. from the animated series.  Also a box of wax pax of alf cards.

now for you turtle fans

I ound this whole lot of tmnt books and the littles all at the same sale. Coloring books, story books, and graphic novels. Let me know if your a turtle fan, i have a story and something cool toshow you from this summer.  Check in later or tomarow, i plan on curb hunting later.  Thanks for reading.

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