Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer finds Action Figures((non Keepers)

This summer I decided i would start collecting action figures from yard sale, thrift and flea markets i go to on the regular. I am a low budget guy, so none of the loose figues costed more then 75 cents. These that are pictured are some of my favorites i am not keeping, or what i will risking losing at my yard sale. in less then two weeks i will be having a yard sale at my brothers house where i will be selling some of my finds from this summer. I dont have much money and on sept 29th there is a toy show in Boston, about an hour and twenty minute drive. 
So i came up with a plan, i will have a yard sale sat. sept. 28th, all funds raised will be fuel for my first toy show. I never been to a con or toy show. As of now i could careless about celebs, panels and stuff like that. I just want to shop. My roomate was impressed that i am taking my finds that i find for penuts, sell them all in one sale, hoping to invest the money in bigger toys that will  incresase in value. Yeah invest.  thats what i am doing, investing.
Back to topic, before these figures leave my pession, i will show you some of the cool ones.
First, we are some Jurrasic Park dinosours. Two were found in grab bags, one at a yardsale.

i Suck at taking pics, gonna have to get a camera, and practice taking pics/  in this pic is 4 micro-machines and a fraggle rock happy meal toy.If my memory is right, hbo was the only way you could watch fraggle rock back in the 80s.  I rember watching it on saturday mornings at my grand parents house.
When Micro machines came out, my brother and our friends were into cars, so these were a big hit. This lot remindsme of the ones me and my brother owned. these are from 86.
Batman and joker. This is the 1991 black batman with retractable belt. Belt still works. Joker, Jack Nicholson joker.

Not sure what this is, samuri dino??

This is an intresting lot. 2 mask men, 2 mucle men, hawkeye mini and an unidentified action figure.  Mr. unidentified looked cool in a grab bag, you could tell it was 80s, just has that look.

Turtles, TMNT,  leo foot has been grinded alittle.

Shrek and a JP Figure, the first one i am hoping is swamp thing
bu i dont know.

Bravestar, Captain America and spider man. I not a big captain fan, but this figure is cool. The spider man has like an iron man style mask and body armor.

New Masters of the universe figures.

All the figure are loose with no accesories. Like i said i am having a yard sale and these are all on the chopping block. I am hoping to post all my keepers from this summer too. If you know the identieties of any of the figures i didnt know or  dont have it right.  Thanks for reading.
Also over the weekend i went hunting for tag sale leftovers, with junk luck. 

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